Latest features and updates



Qubit's Cross-Chain Collateral (X-Collateral) is a new feature that allows anyone to take out investments (borrow) from one chain with assets from another chain as collateral. Qubit will develop this function in a form that can be used by general users or third-party protocols, providing a seamless experience.
In the initial version, Ethereum on mainnet Layer-1 will be the asset used as a cross-chain collateral. When a user supplies ETH (or another form of ETH tokens received by using other lending services on mainnet Ethereum), Qubit will mint xETH on the Binance Smart Chain.
This way, users can borrow other assets on BSC to invest with xETH as collateral. This entire process is done on a single, unified interface on Qubit. As a result, users and other third-party protocols will be able to borrow and operate assets on multiple chains using the X-Collateral feature without the need of bridges taking fees and worrying about completely moving assets from one chain to another.



xLP (Leveraged Liquidity Provider) is another new feature that allows anyone to provide liquidity as a "A - B" pair to a swap service by borrowing asset "B" and by taking asset "A" as collateral and simply start farming!
The initial version of this feature will start farming by making PancakeSwap LP pairs using assets on the Binance Smart Chain.
Anyone can now farm using Qubit without the hassle of staking two different types of tokens.

3Bunny joins QBT

Bunny joins QBT

Bunny will be available to borrow and supply on Qubit's money market. Bunny holders will be able to borrow BUNNY and invest in other assets by posting BUNNY itself as collateral.