Qubit Finance
Pre-Launch Liquidity Event
By conducting a pre-liquidity event, we intend to secure and supply the initial liquidity of QBT, the governance token of Qubit Finance. Participants of the Pre-Liquidity Event will receive an allocation of QBT-BNB LP tokens, and an additional distribution of QBT tokens.
Pre-Liquidity Event Period: July 14 02:00 UTC ~ July 19 00:00 UTC
Allocation: $1.25m worth of BNB , $1.25m worth of BUNNY (BUNNY-BNB pair)
Returns: $2.5m worth of QBT-BNB LP tokens + QBT-BNB pool reward (25,000,000 QBT tokens, 2.5% of total supply).
Starting price of QBT: $0.05
QBT Pre-Liquidity Event distribution amount total : 50,000,000 (LP + reward token totaling $3.75m)
Qubit Finance Launch: July 19 03:00 UTC
Pre-Liquidity Event Reward Payout: July 19 03:00 UTC
    Participants of the Pre-Liquidity Event receive an allocation of QBT-BNB LP tokens. The tokens will be locked in the QBT-BNB pool for 30 days.
    In addition, a separate 25,000,000 QBT will be distributed as rewards for the QBT-BNB pool. Participants of the Pre-Liquidity Event and newcomers to the pool will receive the rewards.
    Cap: There is no limit on the amount of BUNNY-BNB LP tokens participants can commit. However, there is a cap of $2.5 million worth of BUNNY-BNB that will be converted to QBT-BNB LP. At the end of the pre-liquidity phase, any BUNNY-BNB LP above the cap will be returned.
    Each participant's allocation is based on the ratio of their committed amount to the total committed by all participants. This is represented by the following formula, where MyLPToken is the committed token, TotalLPToken is the total committed by all participants, and QBTLPToken is the Cap:
MyAllocation=(MyLPToken/TotalLPToken)QBTLPTokenMyAllocation = (MyLPToken/TotalLPToken) *QBTLPToken
    If the total committed LP Token (TotalLPToken) exceeds the cap, participants will receive their excess tokens, based on the equation Refund = MyLPToken - MyAllocation. Refunds will occur virtually immediately after the pre-launch liquidity phase ends at July 19 00:00 UTC. At or around July 19 03:00 UTC, the Qubit platform will be open for normal activity.
    BUNNY used during the Pre-Liquidity Event will be burned.
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