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🏦 What are the uses of the QBT token?
    Qubit Governance
      We will launch a decentralized governance system with voting powers based on participators' qScores. The governance system will make important decisions made regarding Qubit.
    Sharing protocol earnings
      Profits from Qubit will be partially distributed to users based on their qScores.
      Reserve factor of borrow interests, liquidation fees, performance fees of derivative products on Qubit, etc.
    Boosting mining reward
      By staking QBT, you can receive up to 2.5x the QBT rewards distributed among market participants for one year.
👨‍🌾 Token Distribution
    The total supply will be capped at 1,000,000,000 QBT.
    Liquidity Mining 57%, MND contribution 10%, Marketing 10%, Security Fund 3%, Developer's Supply 15%, Pre-launch Event 5%
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 QBT
Liquidity Mining
    Every month, an amount of QBT equivalent to 5% of the total supply will be paid out to Liquidity Providers as a reward. This will be conducted for 12 months of liquidity mining. 3% and 4% of the total supply will be paid out for the first and second months, respectively.
MND contribution
    10% of QBT will be contributed to MND.
Developer's Supply
    The Developer's Supply will be distributed throughout a 1 year vesting period.
Initial Distribution Volume
    5% Pre-Liquidity Event
    10% Airdrop (MND contribution)
    TOTAL: 150,000,000 QBT
    Emission of 1,643,835 + 410,959 (for dev) QBT everyday. (50,000,000 + 12,500,000 (for dev) QBT per month)
    This will emit approximately $82,190 per day (based on an issuing price of $0.05), which in turn is paid out as compensation for liquidity providers.
    Over time, this will rearrange voting powers from Team Members and Early Investors (Bunny Holders) to liquidity providers.
Staking Rewards (QBT Staking Pool)
    The QBT Staking Pool is designed to give higher incentives to participants who have made high contributions to the stability of Qubit by holding QBT tokens for extended periods without selling them.
    QBT token holders lock up QBT tokens by setting a period in the staking pool and receive a qScore.
      The longer the "lockup" period, the greater the qScore received.
      The minimum duration of a "lockup" is 1 week, with a maximum duration of 2 years.
    The supplier or borrower who has a qScore can get up to 2.5x liquidity provision rewards with additional rewards according to the ratio of qScore to deposited assets.
      Liquidity rewards are determined by the ratio of the liquidity provider's Supply/Borrow asset volume (l) to the total amount of assets (L) Supplied/Borrowed in the market. The (l) value used at this time is updated according to the formula below.
new l=min(l,l×0.4+L×(my qScore amounttotal qScore)×0.6)\text{new }l = \min (l, l \times 0.4 + L \times (\frac{\text{my qScore amount}}{\text{total qScore}})\times 0.6)
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