Is Qubit Finance going to be audited by security firms?

Qubit Finance, its protocol and underlying smart contracts and services is currently being audited by Theori, a multinational security research and development firm.
Qubit Finance completed a Smart Contract audit by PeckShield on August 13, 2021.
Detailed information of the audit report can be found here.

How will Qubit prevent economic exploits?

As explained in the QBT Tokenomics, there is no unlimited minting of QBT.
The associated Qubit Supply & Borrow Markets will use Chainlink’s price oracles, providing a line of defense against price manipulation that can result in catastrophic economic exploits.
Additionally, usage of the Qubit Finance protocol requires a multi-sig wallet, discouraging would-be malicious players from even connecting to our services.
Last modified 2mo ago