QBT Rewards

What is QBT and how do I get it?

All participants of the Qubit Finance protocol earn QBT, which are Rewards by providing liquidity as Lenders or taking out liquidity for investment as Borrowers.
Emissions are distributed to Qubit’s Supply & Borrow Markets.

How are QBT Rewards Distributed?

QBT Rewards are distributed to Qubit's Supply & Borrow markets per table below:
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Binance Coin (BNB)
Tether (USDT)
BUSD (Binance USD)
Dai Stablecoin (DAI)
PancakeSwap token (CAKE)
Qubit (QBT)
MDEX token (MDX)
3% (30,000,000 QBT) and 4% (40,000,000 QBT) of the total QBT supply will be distributed on the first and second month to liquidity providers with the preceding month’s rate as 5% (50,000,000), totaling 570,000,000 QBT. For more information, please read the QBT Tokenomics section.

How do I get a higher share of the rewards?

To get a higher share of the rewards, commit QBT to the QBT Locker.

What is QBT Locker and what do I gain from committing QBT there?

When QBT holders “Lock�? their tokens in the QBT Locker, they get a multiplier effect on their QBT Rewards for staking liquidity. This multiplier is a qScore.
You can increase your rewards (up to a 2.5X Boost ratio) by locking your QBT. For each market, the Boost ratio is maximized when your share of the total qScore (%) is greater than or equal to your share of the market balance.
In addition, committing QBT into the QBT Locker will allocate voting power in which the QBT DAO + qScore holders get a portion of the Qubit protocol’s fees.

How is this boost ratio determined?

When you have participated in the market, the boost ratio is determined by the portion of your qScore divided by the portion of your market balance. The minimum boost ratio is 1X and maximum boost ratio is 2.5X.
For example, when you supply 100 USDT into USDT supply market and total supply of the market is 1000 USDT, then your market portion is 10%. In this case, you can earn maximum 2.5X boost ratio for this market when your qScore is greater than or equal to 10% of total qScore. (i.e., your portion of qScore is greater than or equal to 10%). Therefore, if the current total qScore is 100, you can get maximum boost for USDT supply market when your qScore is 10.

How are these boost applied?

Boosts are applied separately for each market. (even supply and borrow market are separated).
For example: 1. You supply 100 USDT and 200BNB to the USDT and BNB market, 2. and total Supply of the USDT and BNB market are 1000 USDT and 1000 BNB, respectively, 3. then your portion for each supply markets are 10% and 20%, respectively.
In this case, assuming your portion of qScore is 10%, you can get a 50% of the maximum boost for BNB supply market while you can get the absolute maximum boost for USDT supply market. As a result, you can boost 2.5X in USDT market, and boost 1.75X in BNB market.
Remember that boosts are only re-calculated when you trigger actions to the market. So, even if someone else supplies or withdraws an asset from the market and your market portion is changed, your boost is not re-calculated until you additionally supply or withdraw from the market. A user gets the boost at the time of the last action. Even though the qScore decreases with time, your boosts will not be decreased unless you trigger actions to the market. Thus, user is eligible to have a strategy to do no actions so that gain his boost as maximum as possible until they lock more QBT tokens. However, once the user has zero qScore (i.e., lock expires), the user can be kicked out. Anyone can kick the user by sending transaction to the "QubitLocker" smart contract and applying zero boost to the user who has no qScore at that point.
Caution: 'Claiming QBT' will re-calculate all boost of the market you are currently participating in, and apply the newly calculated boosts from across the markets.
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