What is qScore?

Staking QBT in QBT Locker gives you a qScore and is determined by Amount + Duration of commitment and can be calculated by:
qScore=remaining lockup periodmax lockup period×Locked QBT\text{qScore} = \frac{\text{remaining lockup period}}{\text{max lockup period}}\times\text{Locked QBT}
Therefore, the longer the commitment period, the higher the qScore.

What does a higher qScore mean?

Higher qScore results in higher Rewards Multiplier.

How does this Rewards Multiplier effect work?

Rewards Multiplier Explanation:
    Locking QBT in the QBT Locker allows liquidity providers to earn up to 2.5X of the base rewards for providing liquidity
    This amount is determined by the ratio of the liquidity provider’s supply/borrow asset volume (‘l’) to the total amount of assets supplied/borrowed (‘L’), and the new supply/borrow asset volume (‘l’) is updated according to this formula :
new l=min�?�(2.5×l,l+1.5×L×(my qScoretotal qScore))\text{new }l = \min (2.5 \times l, l + 1.5 \times L\times (\frac{\text{my qScore}}{\text{total qScore}}))
1.0×lnew l2.5×l1.0 \times l \leq \text{new}~l \leq 2.5 \times l
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