How to Supply


Users can deposit assets to Qubit's liquidity pool to start earning interest and rewards on those deposited assets.


1. Click "Connect Wallet",
"Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner
2. Select a wallet to connect,
3. Select the market you would like to supply to in "Supply Markets". You can click the collateral toggle to deposit assets as collateral or do this later. Doing this later will make toggling collateral a separate transaction.
4. 1) Enter the amount you would like to supply and 2) click "Supply".
5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.
6. View your updated dashboard with your new net APY, supply balance, and supply markets.


Supplied assets can be selected to be used as collateral by borrowers. This can be done during the above supplying process or post-supplying.


1. If you intend to use a supplied amount as collateral, click the collateral toggle.
2. Confirm that you will be using the deposit as collateral and confirm this transaction in your wallet.
3. View that the supplied assets have been updated to be used as collateral.


Upon providing liquidity, users will start earning interest on their deposited assets and QBT.
Interest will be earned in the asset a user has deposited.
QBT can be staked by locking up QBT for a set amount of time up to 2 years. Stakers will receive a Qubit Score based on the staked amount and the staking period. A higher Qubit Score will correspond to higher voting power and will allow liquidity providers to earn up to 2.5x the base compensation for providing liquidity along with additional rewards.
Refer to the QBT Rewards section for more information.


Interest is earned in the asset a user has deposited. The supply amount will reflect this, as it will increase as your assets earn interest.
The supply amount is displayed with three decimal places. Over a short period, this will not reflect the interest earned. To see this number after a short period, click MAX in the redeem section to see that the amount is increasing.


1. Select a supply market from "Supply Markets"
2. Click on "Redeem". Select the amount you would like to withdraw and click "Redeem" to withdraw the specified amount or "Redeem All" to withdraw all the underlying assets and earned interest.
3. Confirm the transaction in your wallet.