Professional audits completed

Qubit protocol and all of the underlying smart contracts are audited by Peckshield and Theori. Both are highly reputable and multinational security firms.
  • Smart Contract Audit Report by Peckshield v1.0(link)
  • Smart Contract Security Audits by Theory v1.1(link)
  • X-Collateral Smart Contract Security Audits by Theory v1.1(link)
  • xLP Smart Contract Security Audit by Theory v1.1(link)

How will Qubit prevent economic exploits?

  • There is no unlimited minting of QBT.
  • The associated Qubit Supply & Borrow Markets will use Chainlink’s price oracles, providing a line of defense against price manipulation that can result in catastrophic economic exploits.
  • Usage of the Qubit Finance protocol requires a multi-sig wallet, discouraging would-be malicious players from even connecting to our services.