How to start with Klaytn

Make sure the funds you want to move to Klaytn are in either BNB, QBT, BELT, XVS, CAKE, AUTO or BIFI. These are the tokens that are supported by the cross-chain bridge used in this guide.
At launch, Qubit Klaytn only supports the Klaytn wallet Kaikas which is a fork of MetaMask. You can import your secret key from MetaMask or another wallet to Kaikas and continue using the same address.
Download the Kaikas Chrome browser extension from here:
These are Klaytn network details that can be added to MetaMask when it's supported on Qubit Klaytn.
Network Name: Klaytn Cypress RPC URL:
Chain ID: 8217
Symbol: KLAY
Block Explorer:
If there are problems using the above RPC URL, an alternative is:
After your account is set up on Kaikas, you need to get KLAY into your wallet to do any transactions. To do this you can buy KLAY from an exchange such as and withdraw it directly to your Klaytn wallet.
A list of exchanges trading KLAY can be found here:
Once you have KLAY on your Klaytn wallet, switch back to the BSC network and use the OrbitChain bridge to transfer your tokens from your BSC wallet to Klaytn wallet.
There is no fee when bridging from BSC however there is a 0.1% fee bridging from Klaytn.
You can use the Klaytn DEX to swap your tokens to other tokens supported on Qubit Klaytn.
Start supplying your tokens on Qubit Klaytn at