What is qScore?

Staking QBT in QBT Locker gives you a qScore and is determined by Amount + Duration of commitment and can be calculated by:
qScore=remaining lockup periodmax lockup period×Locked QBT\text{qScore} = \frac{\text{remaining lockup period}}{\text{max lockup period}}\times\text{Locked QBT}
Therefore, the longer the commitment period, the higher the qScore.

What does a higher qScore mean?

Higher qScore results in higher Rewards Multiplier.

How does this Rewards Multiplier effect work?

Rewards Multiplier Explanation:
  • Locking QBT in the QBT Locker allows liquidity providers to earn up to 2.5X of the base rewards for providing liquidity
  • This amount is determined by the ratio of the liquidity provider’s supply/borrow asset volume (‘l’) to the total amount of assets supplied/borrowed (‘L’), and the new supply/borrow asset volume (‘l’) is updated according to this formula :
new l=min(2.5×l,l+1.5×L×(my qScoretotal qScore))\text{new }l = \min (2.5 \times l, l + 1.5 \times L\times (\frac{\text{my qScore}}{\text{total qScore}}))
1.0×lnew l2.5×l1.0 \times l \leq \text{new}~l \leq 2.5 \times l