2. Site

As part of the Site, Qubit provides access to a decentralized finance application (“Application”) on the Binance Smart Chain, that allows lenders or borrowers of various cryptocurrency assets (“Cryptocurrency assets”) to transact using smart contracts (“Smart Contracts”).
Using the Qubit Finance may require that you pay a fee, such as gas fees on the Binance Smart Chain to perform a transaction.
You acknowledge and agree that Mound has no control over any transactions over Qubit Finance, any transactions made on, through, or using, Qubit Finance or the Site, the method of payment of any transactions or any actual payments of transactions. Accordingly, you must ensure that you have a sufficient balance of the applicable cryptocurrency tokens stored at your Qubit Finance-compatible wallet address (“Cryptocurrency Wallet”) to complete any transaction on the Qubit Finance or the Binance Smart Chain before initiating such transaction.